Choir and Vocal Uprising Enrolment

Round Two of Applications for Enrolment in the Choir and Vocal Uprising Program for 2024 have now opened.

Your child will be placed on a Waiting List until a position becomes available.

Further information please contact NT Music School 8963 5550.

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Application for Enrolment in the Choir and Vocal Uprising Program 2024

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Enrolment for Choir and Vocal Uprising Programs
Singchronicity/PureNote Choir Program
Government Middle and Senior Students Only
Government Senior Students Only Conditions Apply
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Application for Enrolment

Please read the following carefully:

  • Choir and Vocal Uprising Programs are not offered in all regions. Please check our website for details.
  • Students will be withdrawn for lessons during regular classes and there is limited flexibility for lesson times. Clashes with other priority subjects can not always be avoided.
  • This online form does not automatically secure a position in the Choir and Vocal Uprising Program. All choir programs require an audition for new students.
  • Primary School students can only apply for enrolment in the choir program and do not receive weekly lessons in school.
  • Application for Enrolment in Vocal Uprising and Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Voice is only available to Middle and Senior Government school students.
  • Middle and Senior Government School students are eligible for small group voice lessons in school if they are enrolled in Singchronicity or Pure Note.
  • Vocal Uprising students are required to attend a small group voice lesson in school as part of the program.
  • Once enrolment is confirmed, an annual contribution of $100 will be requested.
  • Students in Singchronicity or Pure Note will be required to purchase an ensemble uniform, choir folder & resources as required.
  • If your child is absent or wishes to withdraw from the program parents are required to notify the NT Music School.
  • The NT Music School has an ensemble policy that states that all ensemble (choir) students are to be dropped off 10 minutes before ensemble and picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of rehearsals.
  • Senior Students only (Year 10, 11 and 12) may make their own way home at the conclusion of rehearsals with parent permission and prior notification. Formal supervision of notified students ceases at the conclusion of rehearsal.

You need to tick that you have read the Terms and conditions before being able to submit.

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